Rye’s Civilian Casualties

Rye British Legion have been working on an interesting project to complement the Rye Roll of Honour work (which can be viewed via Rye Roll of Honour) that has already been done on those fallen commemorated on the War Memorial. And we now need your help.

Much has been written about servicemen who lost their lives in service, but little seems to have been compiled and recorded on the civilians in Rye that lost their lives in Rye during WW2 and their stories. Each story equally tragic for family and friends, and the lasting effects of the bombing can be still seen in the built environment of Rye.

We have tried to give some context to the project by including a timeline of events, both local and nationally, and where possible included the human and social stories that need to be recorded and remembered for future generations.

Please follow the link ‘Rye’s Civilian Casualties of WW2’ to read what has been written so far. This is very much a work in progress but hopefully is now taking shape.

We would very much welcome any contributions from anybody in Rye affected by these events – and any corrections, typos, anecdotes or omissions will be gratefully received!

Please do contact us via [email protected] if you have any contribution that would add to the project.

It is hoped that eventually our website will become the first point of contact for those wishing to research records of Rye’s military history, again, any contributions are welcome.

Work is already underway to include Rye’s civilian casualties of WW1.